Custom Deck & Railing Installation and Construction in Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Build with MD is the best best deck contractor in Monaca, Beaver, Chippewa and surrounding Beaver-County areas

Imagine yourself sitting on the new deck of your Western-Pennsylvania home, enjoying the pool or the BBQ with your friends and neighbors. With a new wood or composite deck from Build with MD, that picture can become a reality.

Build with MD uses quality material and the best craftsmanship to build the beautiful custom deck you've been dreaming of.

Build with MD’s Decking and Railing Services Include:

  • Custom Composite and Traditional-Lumber Decks
  • Deck Repairs
  • Deck Additions
  • Railing Installations

Deck installation by Build with MD

Should You Choose Wood or Composite Decking for Western Pennsylvania?

The choice between wood and composite can depend on the preference of someone in Western PA. Some simply prefer the authentic look, smell and feel of real wood over the stamped or embossed texture of synthetics.

Rely on Build with MD to help you make the right decision for your beautiful addition to your home.

Composite Decks in Hopewell, Aliquippa, Monaca or anywhere else in Western PA

Composite Decking is a man made, eco friendly building product made up of synthetic and recycled materials and is currently becoming the largest timber- deck alternative on the market due to its overall cost- efficiency and long- term durability. Decking materials consist of a mixture of wood, plastic, and a small amount of bonding additives resulting in boards that require far less maintenance than traditional decking all the while looking more aestheticaesthic and beautiful than plastic alternatives!

Composite decking is a great option for your Western-Pennsylvania home for those that would prefer to spend much less time worrying about the up keep of your beautiful new space and more time enjoying it! Build with MD uses quality material and provides the best craftmanship to design the custom deck you have been dreaming of.

All decking requires care and maintenance, although composites require less care and attention.

Wood Deck Installations in Ambridge, Baden, Freedom and the Rest of Beaver County

The natural look of redwood, pine or cedar is one of the top reasons for getting a wooden deck installed. Many people prefer using wood that look very natural. Wood had strength and durability, and naturally remains relatively cooler underfoot, while synthetic decking can grow uncomfortably hot. Wood decks naturally absorb and retain less heat than composites.

To prevent rot, fading and discoloration, unlike synthetic decks, wood decks demand greater attention and care from Pennsylvania homeowners, including sealing and staining every few years.

Railing for Decks, Porches and More

Want to add more unique character to your outdoor space? Build with MD can provide you with a variety of different railing choices to create the perfect final touch to your beautiful new outdoor space while also reducing the future maintenance of your deck for years to come.

How Much Does a Deck Installation Cost?

Deck installation costs can vary wildly based on the size, location and materials of the deck you are trying to get installed.

Call us for more information and for your free estimate.

Why Build with MD in Monaca, PA?

Locally owned and operated in Monaca, Pennsylvania, Build with MD has over 20 years experience providing you with the best quality service and craftmanship needed to bring all of your unique outdoor living space dreams to reality. We will work one on one with you throughout the process to ensure all of your needs are being met along the way.

Finance Your Deck

Financing options for your new deck in Beaver County are now available with Build with MD.